Reduced price postage. Small items £1. Never more than £4. All orders over £25 free postage.

Our Business

For over 20 years we have been producing garden ornaments suitable for withstanding the British weather.  More recently we have added memorial plaques and football plaques to our range.  All of our products are hand made in the Northeast of England, Sunderland in fact ( yes I know rubbish football team!)

As a new online business we are looking to provide craft goods for home and garden, be they made of concrete, metal or wood.  We guarantee you that every product we supply is individually hand crafted, with no mass production at all. It is our aim that every customer will be happy with our products and return to buy more.    

Do not be fooled by other outlets describing their products as stone, unless they have hired a stone mason to chisel away, and they would be unlikely to be sold for 20 quid!. What they sell will be produced from a mould, more than likely, concrete  or resin, this sales technique of describing products as stone when they are not is wrong, we have no problems telling the truth about our products and the materials they are made from.                                

Why buy from us?

We expect our products to last many years. 

  • All of the items we offer for sale are hand crafted quality products.
  • All of our products are strong and durable, beware of lightweight imitations.
  • Our concrete products are reinforced and hand painted.
  • Our products are not plain like you find at many shops or garden centres, we try to bring colour and  character to our products.
  • A lot of our products cannot be found elsewhere.
  • No need to drive round looking at shops or garden centres or carry home heavy objects.
  • 28 day return option.

 We are honest in describing our products, unlike many other outlets.