Reduced price postage. Small items £1. Never more than £4. All orders over £25 free postage.

Postage Prices

Postage Prices


We try to keep our postal prices to a minimum as we know the delivery charge has to be factored into your purchasing decision. With that in mind we subsidise the postage prices of all of our goods by charging our customers less in postal fees than it actually costs us to dispatch the goods.  We want you to order and enjoy your purchases and, hopefully, come back and buy more. We do not want you to be put off by expensive additional charges.


Our current postal charges are based on the total value of your order.

Order value £1 - £9 = £2 postal charge

Order value £10 - £19 = £3 postal charge

Order value £20 - £24 = £4 postal charge.

Postal charges on all orders of £25 and over are FREE.


So the maximum postage fee you will pay on our site is £4.00 and many of the orders we receive qualify for totally FREE postage and packing.