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Reinforced Concrete

Concrete is the material most of our products are made from.  I hope this website proves that it can look attractive in all sorts of different forms and colours. If you say concrete to the average person they think of the dull drab grey blocks that lie under all of our buildings, however it can be used in other ways, our website showing examples of some of the other different forms it can take. 

Reinforced Concrete is literally the foundation of the world, without it the world's towns and cities would look totally different, a lot lower for starters!

When concrete is produced for buildings, the larger buildings require extra strength concrete to cope with the incredible force that sits on it every second of every day. This reinforcement comes in the form of rebar, this is a metal lattice work inside the concrete. Concrete does not attain its full strength until the moisture from within it is removed by the natural drying process, this can take many years for the largest concrete pours. 

The reinforced concrete we produce is slightly different however, as in general use we do not have the depths or size required to fit the metal lattice work. We introduce fibre to our concrete and it has an exceptional quality to bind the concrete. Once fibre is added to free flowing concrete it starts to clump together. The fibre binds concrete together so well that a newly developed filled mould can be turned upside down  and, remarkably, the concrete does not come out, whereas without the fibre it would. As in the building trade our  concrete is at its weakest when first set, strengthening as the drying process gets underway.  In general, once casts are removed we leave to them to dry for about 3 weeks  depending on temperature. Should you be interested in a bespoke product that requires a new cast to be made, it would probably need 4 weeks for it to be available due to the time the drying process takes.  

I hope this piece of information helps you to gain a small insight into the world changing product we use: CONCRETE.